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CleanStream All In One Shower Enema Kit

  • $249.00

This all in one personal cleansing system attaches easily to most shower systems, letting you utilize a constant stream of water with steady pressure. With 6 feet of flexible hosing, and two narrow nozzle attachments, you can enjoy a deep thorough cleanse. If you want to take your water play into the realm of the erotic, attach the included hollow anal plug nozzle. The swelled head and narrow shaft will fill you up, while the wide hollow center allows the water to flow freely into you. Once you have had your fill, use the center plug to close the center hole, trapping the water inside you. The water inside plus the girth of the plug will give you a nice, full feeling. 

  • Measurements: Enema plug: 4.63 inch overall length (with stopper), 2.75 inch insertable length (with stopper), 1.62 inch max insertable diameter; Enema nozzle: 5 inches in length; Thin nozzle: 3.5 inches in length 
  • Material: Stainless steel 
  • Note: Kit includes 6 foot hose, one enema nozzle, one thin tip nozzle, rubber washers, a shower knob, and one hollow metal enema plug nozzle
  • Manufacturer: CleanStream

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