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BATHMATE Control Delay Gel

  • $26.50

Unlike any other delay gel on the market, Bathmate control is made completely from natural ingredients. Not only that, it can be applied a long time before any sexual intimacy, meaning you can be confident of being in full control when you most need it.  Control has been specially formulated to help delay your orgasm, which means sexual encounters will never leave you or your partner disappointed.  The effects of control are not just about staying power, it has the added bonus of giving you a greater build up during sexual foreplay, resulting in the ultimate orgasm. 

  • Features: Specifically designed for safe use on sensitive skin and mucus membranes, Alcohol and perfume free, Free from parabens, Dermatalogically tested, 100% biodegradable, Supplied in a user friendly bottle.
  • Volume: 7ml
  • Manufacturer: Bathmate

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