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BATHMATE HydroMax Xtreme X30 Penis Pump

  • $340.00
  • Save $129.00

The Bathmate Xtreme X30 is our most advanced product to date and boasts three core design characteristics. You can only get these with a superior penis enlargement hydraulic pump.

Highly Effective: The Bathmate Xtreme X30 offers improved performance with its powerful handball pumping system. The handball pump helps you to achieve maximum results by precisely controlling the pressure and the pump. The precision control assists you with obtaining greater results and achieving your full potential.

The Bathmate Xtreme X30 offers versatility that both beginners and advanced users will enjoy. The handball pump system allows you greater control with the ability to adjust negative pressure avoiding any discomfort. It will also allow the user to use maximum pressure for maximum results. This advanced system is a must have for anyone serious about penis enlargement.

Xtreme Comfort: Previous pumps have required a fair amount of effort to achieve maximum results. The newly designed Bathmate Xtreme X30 has taken the effort out of the process by using an advanced handball pumping system. The handball pumping system allows you to avoid using your abdominal muscles, making your penis enlargement training comfortable and much more effective.

Premium Training Package: The Bathmate Xtreme X30 is a comprehensive package that includes 11 items. The Xtreme X30 package will include everything needed for beginner and advanced penis enlargement training plans.

Suitable for: Erected penis length less than 180mm, erected penis girth less than 170mm in circumference.

Contains: Carry Case with Security Lock, Measuring Gauge, Cleaning Kit, Bathmate Towel & Sponge Handball Pump and Power Hose, Water Based Lubricant, Shower Strap, Comfort Insert Pad.

Product Specifications:

  • Series: Bathmate Xtreme
  • Year of appearance: Late 2013
  • Maximum penis length: 180mm
  • Maximum penis girth(Circumference): 170mm
  • Gaining efficiency: Best of all Bathmate products
  • Comfort pad: Removable, super soft, long inset
  • Measuring guide: Present
  • Rotatable axis: Present
  • Pumping system: Xtreme Handball Pumping System
  • Bathmate valve: Xtreme valve
  • Maximum pressure: -0.55 bar

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