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Bijoux Indiscrets Za Za Zu Maribou Feather Handcuffs

  • $29.90

Enter the elegant world of bondage with a pair of feathery-soft restraints. Za Za Zu cuffs are strong enough to firmly bind a submissive's wrists or ankles, and they're textured with delicate down feathers that sensually tease the skin with every movement.

You can easily adjust them to fit your wrists and ankles (one size fits most), and thanks to the seven inches of solid chain, they're long enough to allow a teasing range of motion. Loop them around the bedpost, doorjambs, chairs, or other furniture - you've got plenty of room for creativity.

The cuffs 
are made out of completely body safe steel-plated metal and stay comfortable during longer play sessions. Marabou feathers deliver a light tickle while protecting your skin, and they stay soft even with regular use.

Try pairing these elegant restraints with a blindfold or other accessories from Bijoux Indiscrets.

  • Features: Sensual feather restraint cuffs, Designed to bind wrists or ankles during restraint play, Perfect for submission and domination role playing games, Fun to tickle and tease your partner, 7" chain allows lots of wiggle room while remaining secured, Adjustable sizing fits most wrists, The perfect accessory for your bondage collection
  • Measurements: Chain Length - 7", Cuff Length - 7", Overall Length - 21"
  • Manufacturer: Bijoux Indiscrets

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